Perform, save and edit your risk assessment following SORA methodology

SAMWISE will guide you through each step of the SORA process, in a clear and intuitive way. SAMWISE will show you what safety objectives have to be fulfilled depending on the planned operation and propose you possible risk mitigation strategies, without the need to fully familiarize with SORA.
SAMWISE provides a preliminary feasibility analysis of the intended operation, supporting the actual development of a SORA-based risk assessment.


Navigate through all possible operational requirements to fly in the Specific category

SAMWISE provides an up-to-date list of operational requirements that could be applicable to operations in the Specific category depending on the level of Risk. Access the list of requirements for a quick overview, but carry out an assessment to identify what is applicable to your operation.



SAMWISE: an online support for SORA provided by EuroUSC Italia/

SamWISE is intended to support users in doing a quick feasibility analysis of their operation following SORA methodology.

The Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) methodology is developed by JARUS to perform a safety assessment in support of UAS operations in the “Specific Category”. This methodology is already accepted by several CAA around the world to demonstrate that the envisaged operation can be conducted safely. In Europe, it will become an official Acceptable Mean to comply with the new EASA regulation for operations in the Specific category.

SORA is publicly available and can be accessed here.

SamWISE is provided by EuroUSC Italia.

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